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 Pellet burner to fireplaces

 Pellet burners bin is easy to fill.
 Also lighting and ash removal is easy
 Burner is meant to all those who wants use fireplace easily and clean.

 It suits to all fireplaces what are meant to use wood, also i doesnt generate much smoke
 so it fits to use in urban areas too.

 Maintenance is just ash removal between use.

 8 mm:n pellet is best to use with burner.

 Specifications :

                   Small:                        Big:                     Insert burning basket:

 Weight:   4,5 kg                       5 kg                   3,2 kg   

 Height:    31 cm                       36 cm                 20 cm / by order

 Width:     25 cm                       32 cm                 20 cm / by order

 Effect :    30 kWh                     50 kWh               10-20 kWh

 Price :      275 €                       295 €                  120 €

 Material : steel

 Picture of burning basket

 Picture of burner

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